Do you dread visiting the dentist? Does the prospect of relaxing in the dental chair during treatment seem impossible? If so, our dentists may recommend conscious sedation at your next dental visit.

Conscious sedation is administered as a shot or through an intravenous line (IV), or may be administered orally, and consists of a sedative and an anesthetic to keep you fully comfortable during the dental procedure. The sedation works quickly to make you feel drowsy, slowing your breathing and potentially your blood pressure. You will remain awake during the procedure but may be too relaxed and drowsy to speak or remember the details of your visit. A member of our team will remain with you at all times to monitor your vital levels.

Following the procedure, the effects of the sedation should wear off fairly quickly, but you should arrange to be driven home just in case. However, you should have no problem returning to your daily activities.

Please feel free to contact Signature Smiles at 512-212-9803 today to speak with our team and learn if conscious sedation in Bastrop, Texas, is right for you. Our team would be happy to answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment with our dentists.