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Can your oral health be improved with dentures? The answer is yes, because not only can they give you back the functionality that teeth can bring, but they can improve your self-esteem too. Dentures come in a wide assortment of styles, including partial dentures, which are used to fill in gaps left behind by a few missing teeth, or complete dentures, which can give you a complete set of new pearly whites.

Even though dentures are removable, they are very durable and can assist your smile with many of its necessary functions, including speaking, eating, and chewing food. However, not all food can be easily chewed, so to prevent potential slippage of your dentures in your mouth, stay away from tough or chewy foods such as steak.

Dentures can be fashioned and modified to fill in gaps or spaces in your smile that if left untreated, will become safe havens for bad bacteria and plaque to thrive. Voids in your smile can also lead to gum destabilization, which can result in nearby teeth moving and shifting. Dentures help keep your neighboring teeth in their proper locations. Dentures will fill out your facial structure, make you look younger, and help you to feel better about yourself and your smile.

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