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What is the purpose of dentures? These dental restorations are removable appliances for replacing teeth and are designed to fill any gap in your smile, providing a functional smile that you can easily take care of. Partial dentures can replace only a few missing teeth while complete dentures provide an entire set of artificial teeth.

Whatever your dental needs may be, we can provide dentures to deliver the following benefits for your smile:

  • Dentures help to fill out your face by supporting its structure even after you have lost many teeth.
  • Gaps in your smile may cause you to look older than you are, but dentures can help restore both your smile and youthful appearance by replacing lost teeth.
  • Missing teeth leave empty spaces and voids that become a safe haven for bacteria growth. This can often lead to destabilized gums and the ability for nearby teeth to shift around. Placing dentures helps to prevent bacteria buildup and stop teeth from drifting.
  • Dentures can be easily removed when the time comes to upgrade or replace your dentures. Changing your dentures regularly can help maintain your oral health.
  • Dentures restore the proper ability to chew and speak, which often suffers when you have missing teeth.

If you are struggling with missing teeth or recently had a tooth removed, we encourage you to seek tooth replacement as soon as possible. We can help you maintain your oral health with our dentures in Bastrop, Texas. We invite you to contact Signature Smiles at 512-212-9803 to learn more and set up your visit.