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Did you know that water flossers are considered so effective, that a few brands and products have even been given the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance? Seek out water flossers that are ADA-approved to ensure that your mouth gets the true clean it deserves. The seal not only ensures the product has passed rigorous testing procedures for safety, but also that is has held up under the strictest of circumstances to prove that the product is effective.

Water flossers or revolutionary interdental cleaners designed to work like traditional dental floss, but instead of using thread to clean between teeth, water flossers use water. A steady beam of water flushes out harmful bacteria and food particles that may be lodged between teeth.

In some cases, a person may struggle to work dental floss easily and effectively, often due to a muscle injury or old age. If this is you, consider switching to water flossers to ensure your smile gets the full clean it deserves. Water flossers have also been proven to be extremely effective at cleaning teeth with prior dental treatments. This includes teeth serviced with orthodontic aligners, dental bridges, dentures, and dental crowns.

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